26. Mai 2024
10 reasons why Cloud Gaming sucks
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10 reasons why Cloud Gaming sucks

Cloud gaming services such as GeForce Now, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Amazon Luna, Boosteroid are becoming increasingly popular, but some gamers still don’t want to play in the cloud and prefer to stick to traditional local gaming on their computers and consoles, but why? We’ve put together a list of the most common reasons why people don’t want to play in the cloud.

1. You have no internet

If you live on a deserted island or in a cave with no internet access, you won’t be able to connect to the cloud servers to play your games. Though you probably have other things on your mind than video games in such remote places anyway. But since you’re obviously online, reading this article on the Internet, this problem clearly doesn’t apply to you.

2. You have a lousy internet connection

So you may have access to the internet, but your connection speed is pretty lousy. Even though the minimum requirements for cloud gaming services are actually low, there are still people out there with an inadequate internet connection, which sucks for many reasons. I mean, come on. Regardless of cloud gaming, you need a fast connection to watch shows and movies on Netflix, to work from home, to study at home, and of course to play lag-free online multiplayer games on your console or PC. If you don’t, you might want to consider changing your ISP to get a better ping and avoid annoying buffering and lags.

3. You like to waste money

If you want to waste your hard-earned cash for no reason, you can always buy a $500 console or an even more expensive gaming PC with a high-end GPU to play games that are available in the cloud without any additional hardware costs.

4. You have too much time

Do you love wasting time with annoying updates and installations before you can actually play video games? Then stick to the old-fashioned way of playing, because with Cloud Gaming, there is no such thing as waiting.

5. You have no need for versatility

Cloud gaming’s device independence also gives it a certain flexibility, which is of course completely useless if you always play your games in the same place, in front of the same screen, and do not switch between different screens, such as TVs in different rooms, on your notebook, on your smartphone or on your tablet.

6. Fan noises calms you down

If you prefer the soothing sound of a fan humming while you play video games, you should probably stay away from cloud gaming, as streaming services don’t add much more CPU load than watching a 4K YouTube video.

7. You don’t want to share

Did you know that some cloud gaming services allow you to share your games with others? Luna, for example, has a cool new feature called Luna Couch. Xbox will also soon have a family plan. Blacknut Gaming already allows 5 profiles on one account. Of course, if you are a lone wolf who has no interest in sharing with others and would rather pay for games that your friends and family have already bought, you can always stick to classic gaming.

8. You are a pirate

If you are used to getting your games illegally via torrents or other file-sharing networks, cloud gaming is not for you either. Because no games are installed locally you’ll need proper licenses from digital storefronts.

9. You like to have a high energy bill

When you play in the cloud, the CPU load on your end is very low. So your computer doesn’t overheat and you save energy. The money you save could be used to buy games or pay subscription fees for cloud gaming. But if you want to pay high electricity bills, you can do that instead.

10. You are a dinosaur

Despite all the benefits of cloud gaming, you are simply not ready to give up your old-fashioned understanding of gaming and move on. Instead of embracing change, you cling to the long-forgotten problems of classic gaming and long for the days when games were copied onto floppy disks.

Can you think of any other reasons not to play in the cloud?

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